What can I do?

There is a lot you can do.  I can not say what you have to do.  I will tell you two things that I am convinced of:

1. Getting through your pain, booze, or drugs will take serious effort and serious commitment.

2. You can make it.

Fire me a post.  Will share what I can.  My name is Chaz.

I found my freedom from addiction and alcoholism through the 12 steps and fellowships of AA and NA.  I can’t tell you it is for everyone.  Yet I do not know who it would not help.

There is no shame in being an addict or alcoholic.  You may have been born that way and it only took starting with your substance to complete the circle.  Maybe you find yourself different than your friends who can stop when they want to.  Can you?  How many times have you tried and then returned to your drinking or using?  Even when you wanted to stop… could you?

Making the admission is not easy.  Yet it is essential.  Why not start here and now?  I made the admission a few years ago.  Sobered up, cleaned up.  But then returned to my stuff.  Why?  Because I thought that since I was clean/sober for a year, I could drink/use responsibly now.  Wrong.  It got worse.  Sound familiar?

I finally was beat enough by the pain.  Emotional, financial, relational.  I finally admitted on a deeper and broader level that I was powerless over my booze, drugs, and the thinking habits that got me there.  I am now clean and sober a few years.

Life is great.  It can be for you too.



  1. Hey Chaz,
    thanks for the comment. (With crack if you check out my site) requires getting pissed at what crack has taken. Me mad? No I am just maintaining or replying to either give a consistent voice against crack without caving into the 12 step rhetoric garbage or replying to a stupid crackhead that still might have no clue. I get attacked a lot for my stance against crack. Not so much lately but sometimes people do not like our success, and want to trip us up for whatever stupid reason sometimes I have no idea. BUT when they attack my wife, or website or try and hurt what we do, I attack with a vengence and steadiness against the enemy so I make sure I destroy crack once again (for them) and hope and pray that the seed is planted for hope that yes indeed crack cocaine can be conquered forever not just for 24 hours at a time or that I have the dreaded crack cocaine disease of addiction forever and that even though God says ALL is possible….(except addiction according to experts LOL) can be twarted…well yada yada yada…
    Thanks again for taking the time to post a comment on my blog…
    Talk later…

  2. Hey Todd…

    I have tried a few ways to get clean. Including attending Teen Challenge. Sounds like you believe the Bible? I do too.

    What finally worked for me was my 12-step program. Yet, I have two very good friends who kicked much longer-running habits than I had and did not use 12 step programs.

    Neither of our experiences compete with the others. Hey… I even know guys who found solutions in Teen Challenge. I am just not one of them.

    If your system works for you and others, I am pleased. Hey… it may have worked for me. Who knows.

    The main thing is that we have found a way to get clean and find some recovery in our lives. By recovery I mean gaining back things we lost. And in many cases gaining things we never had before.

    I am not a 12-step guy who thinks it is the only way. It is simply what worked for me and others I know. Yet not for others I know. Its all good.

    God works in many and varied ways.

    Thanks for your post on my blog.

    Ciao. Chaz

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