depressionOh ya.  Big time.  Hospitalized twice.  Wanted to eat a bullet.  Wanted to sign divorce papers with my brain splattered on the page from the exit wound.  I was that messed up.

Been on a few different meds.  Lots of counselling.  Lots of reading.  Lots of sharing.  Lots of time.

My experience?  Everyone’s depression is unique.  Some can be medicated.  Some can be counseled.  There is hope.  For me, it was an unlrelenting search for answers that finally led me to the one(s) that was right for me.

Life is WAY better.  I feel WAY better.  I no longer think of suicide. I am legitimately happy.  Probably for the first time in my adult life.  Looking back, there was a low-grade depression lying below the surface for as long as I can remember.  And anxiety.  Depression and anxiety do try to come visit from time to time.  I can be triggered.  It never lasts as long and never goes as deep as it once did.  I have a way out.  I have choices today around depression.

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