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Unreal comparisons: CSI Miami sets us up for failure

May 17, 2009

We often “compare our insides to other people’s outsides”.  And in doing so, beat ourselves up for not being as talented, attractive, successful, happy or likeable as them.

By this I simply mean that we often compare the little we know of others by observing their limited external appearances to our comprehensive internal knowledge of ourselves including our secrets, hurts, and shortcomings.

My blog friend, Lores ( recently posted about how some people appear successful on the exterior while we appear to ourselves as unsuccessful.

This is somewhat ironic because my wife and I recently gave up watching CSI Miami.  From time to time, we sit together after our long work days and unwind with an episode.  More recently, we began laughing at the overwheming and continuous BS portrayals of life. 

According to the show, the vast majority of people in Miami are rich, young, and attractive.  Oh ya, and all the women somehow are able to show cleavage and none has yet to be groped by a perpetrator or colleague.

emily procter CSI calleighLets start with the most conspicuous character…. the lovely Miss Calleigh Duquesne. 

She has the amazing ability to strut onto a crime scene in heels and flowing, dangling hair that never goes out of place.  And of course, cleavage to spare. 

A particularly unique talent she often displays is her ability to walk on a sandy beach with said heels.

I know some female cops.  Not one of them shows up to work dressed like this.  Unless they are undercover doing entrapment.

I wonder how many women working careers compare themselves, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to an unrealistic portrayal like Calleigh?


CSI: MIAMIWe also have Dr. Alexx Woods. 

Now come on…. would the Miami Dade County really allow their coroner to let her hair dangle into the blood pool of a crime-scene corpse? 

I am sure most of us didn’t even notice there was a corpse in the picture did we?… cause I eye got drawn to those ever-visible…. tits!

But she did put gloves on…. Thank God!  We wouldn’t want to taint evidence or be unsanitary!

Ok, so help me out…. she took time to choose her ensemble, wrestle her boobs into an over-worked push-up bra, apply makeup (presumably in the hummer on the way to the crime scene), put on latex gloves, but didn’t tie her hair back? 


 jonathan togo csi miami ryan wolfe 

It is not just the female characters that set the unrealistic expectations.

Jonathan Togo’s character, Ryan Wolfe, continually shows up in the trendiest ensembles, complete with neck tie?  Since when?

Check out this little Gucci number Wolfe is sporting. 

Who pays the dry cleaning bill when the arterial spray lands on his lapel?


Television and entertainment has been painting these unrealistic perspectives for as long as they have existed.  We all know their portrayals are unrealistic, yet I still wonder to what degree repeated viewing continual bombards the subconscious and leaves us feeling like crap? 

Is it any wonder depression, anxiety, suicide and body image/eating disorders are rampant when we continually feed our minds with these impossible standards?

megalyn echikunwoke dr tara price csi miamiI will say that I was encouraged when the Wolfe character came out with his gambling addiction, and more recently, the new coroner Dr. Tara Price had her prescription drug problem revealed.

Yet all woven through the greater un-realities of shows like this.

(Note the dangling hair, hoop ear rings, perfect makeup, fashionable clothing, but just to keep it official, latex gloves.)

I am all for striving for the best.  My wife and I work hard in our careers, We keep fit, we work on our marriage and parenting, and we are grateful to enjoy many positive results.

Rarely are the realities of these real results meaningfully portrayed on shows like CSI Miami.  So rather than scoff at the un-realities and misrepresentations of life, we’re tuning out and focusing on real life and real success.

This gives us real growth and real happiness.