Law of attraction? Why does this keep happening?

June 13, 2009

Ok… so I am not going to “The Secret” out on you here…. but this has safely moved into the realm of the weird.  Too frequent to be coincidences.

I am at work today.  There is a particular matter that we deal with some times that has to do with Veterans.  It is not a frequent thing that we deal with, but here is the weird part….  We have this very distinct Veteran client.  Two times now, when we discussed the Veteran issue which we rarely do, this gentleman shows up… just walks into our place of business on unrelated matters.MAGNET

It just happened this morning.  One of our staff was sitting in my office inquiring about our Veteran program, and there he walks by.  The exact same thing happened several months ago.

It is just the weirdest thing because I do not otherwise ever see this Veteran.

Now I have listened to “The Secret” a number of times, and frankly find the whole presentation of it rather juvenile and commercial.  Besides, that Rhonda Byrne chick really needs to learn to drop the “r” when saying “law”.  Not saying I totally disagree… just that the presentation of it is not for me.

Yet I do very much believe that a force exists in the universe that can and does attract to us what we predominantly focus on and what we put out in life.  The Bible describes this as the law of sowing and reaping.  Another faith calls it karma.  I believe these are all describing the same thing.

It is just too weird to be coincidence. 

Thoughts anyone?







  1. In Islam we put it this way, as translated from the second book of the Holy Quran.

    “Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable — (that of) a gnat or any thing above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord,”

    Let me explain it this way. God is in everything and is always teaching us, through the daily trappings of our lives. Everything is parable and metaphor. What you are seeing, what you are experiencing every moment is always sent by God for the evolution of our souls, to lead us more deeply into surrender.

  2. Thanks Poet….

    Does the Islamic faith have a principle or belief around what Christians describe as the law of “Sowing and Reaping”…. meaning what you plant, you will harvest… or what you give out, will come back to you?

    I too believe that God speaks to us through real-life parable. All of our human behaviours and activities are the outworking of spiritual principles and laws by which the universe works.

    So by mere observation of life, we can gain an understanding of the underlying principles by which life works.

    Not unlike watching an apple fall from the tree being a manifestation of the law of Gravity.

    I guess my challenge in this circumstance is what, if any lesson or pinciple is being taught to me? It is just so unique that the rare times we talk about our veteran program, THIS veteran shows up.

    Not another one. This one. And not a day later… but AT THE MOMENT WE ARE DISCUSSING IT.

    Thanks for the reply.



  3. I’m a Murphy’s Law man myself. Particularly #10, which says, “The universe is not indifferent to intelligence, it is actively hostile to it.” But then, I’ve done too much thinking with the wrong part of my body. 😉

  4. Well Teev…. I know you are being somewhat tongue in cheek.

    I would hazard to say that the way your life is shaping up is due in part to your positive steps forward with being vigilant and accepting responsibility in what you do and not just in what you say.

    I believe you drew much of your success to you.

    Then again, it may have been just blind luck.

    Nahhhh. I am going with “you drew it”.



  5. It’s all the same Chaz. Karma, Reap what you Sow, and it’s all the Law of Cause and Effect. This is the true concept behind Law of Attraction. Whatever you do now, will affect your future outcomes. Unfortunately, we don’t know what things causes those outcomes, but some things we will never know.

  6. Edward…

    I am left wondering why this repetition in specfic outcome with this Veteran. I agree that many things we will never know. It is just highly unlikely that such a thing would happen twice.

    I do consider the different names of the same principle of attraction to be simply observations of the same thing.

    I am sure most major faiths recognize it.

    And “The Secret” people just re-packaged it and sold it back to us. But it certainly seems to be a consistent principle. Which is one reason so many mega corporations sponsor charities and atheletes. They are practicing the law of attraction. Even though it is often from entirely selfish motives.



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