Why don’t we stop drinking? Others can.

March 27, 2009

“I’ don’t know why I started drinking, I just know that when I drank, I felt better”.

This was the first definition of my drinking problem that made any sense to me.  It was shared by another alcoholic when I was in early sobriety.alcohilic-yuppie1

As alcoholics, we tend to complicate things, including our reasons for drinking.  May I strongly suggest that the detailed reasons are not likely to be today’s business?  Time will reveal to us more and more reasons why/how we got to where we got to.

It wasnt long for me until  more factors revealed themselves as to why I do not stop when I start.

alcoholic-momThese reasons matter less than the fact that we are simply in this position today.  And if we are to ever discover the reasons why we do not stop, we need to first stop and begin to get sane enough to work on our stuff, and stop the damage and pain.

Borrowing someone else’s simple definition is a great place to start.  It was for me.



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  2. thanks for making it simple again

  3. Chaz, I thank my lucky stars I don’t have this type of addiction. As you might imagine, I know people who battle daily with the alcohol and drug demon. If my own recent experience with a certain “other woman” is an example of addiction, I don’t envy anyone in this position. I am thankful for you and your razor-sharp counsel in these matters.

  4. No problem TV. Most who have been involved in something that then becomes more than they can handle… and then ends up controlling them…including affairs… can relate to similarities of chemical addictions like drug and booze.

    My path winding with yours has been quite helfpful to me in facing some of the issues I face dealing with my ex.

    So thanks back at ya!



  5. We are not concerned with reasons, types or amounts of drugs used; we are only concerned with our recovery.

  6. I think the reason for the NA reading in your reply is to focus on the now and not get caught up in the past. It also sets aside underlying motives of pride of what a bad-ass we may have been… or self-hatred for the same.

    These underlying issues will eventually come to the surface to be dealt with, but while we are a newcomer, we need to focus on where we are at… eh?



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