AA Roundups I have known

March 7, 2009

Ok, so I finally went to one. 

After a number of years being in and around AA, I attended my first Roundup.  In fact, I volounteered as an organizer.  It was amazing!

I always figured round-up were for the “really sick mo-fos”.  Well, by that definition, I must be be one of them. 

I thought who could enjoy sitting at meeting after meeting listening to AA talk all day.  So I just shut off my brain and turned on my ears and listened.  Truly it was amazing and I do not have the longest attention span in the world.

I strongly recommend investing a day or weekend in attending a round-up where you have a variety of speakers and some fun and laughs.

It truly is an investment that pays a return. 





  1. I can’t say I’ve ever been to a roundup, Chaz, but I can only imagine the stories! BTW…I would never classify you as a “sick mo-fo”!!! 🙂 You’re one of the smartest dudes I’ve met on here.

  2. Thanks for the kind words TV….

    I have made lots of “sick mo-fo” decisions. I, like most others, only learned things the hard way.



  3. Chaz,

    What’s a round-up? Like a weekend retreat? I was talking to the friend I go to meetings with and I suggested that they have more get togethers outside of the meeting walls. While people share at the meetings, there’s a different kind of personality sharing that happens in more relaxed situations, like cook-outs and what not.

    Anyway, yeah, round-up? 🙂

    • A round up is an all-day or all-weekend event in a community usually put together by the local AA members. Our roundup was a series of a variety of speakers and meetings plus meals, fund raiser auction, door prizes, a little entertainment, and lost of socializing.

      They are intended to be a focused time to invest in your recovery.

      I tell ya…. the one I was a part of was amazing. Didnt sound appealing at first but wow! Knocked me on my butt. Heard so many things I could relate to. The variety of meeting styles and speakers kept it fresh all day.

      They are also called “SoberFests” in some cases.

      Anyway…. your locao Area Service office would probably know of any in your area. I strongly suggest the investment of time. Cost is usually minimal. OUrs was $20 for the whole day including meals.



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