No matter where

February 8, 2009

The longer I live, the more I realize that life is about what I make of it more than it is what life does or doesn’t do for or give me.

This kind of thing is so often repeated, it seems drab.  Yet, it is such a fundamental truth.  It is also the basis for much recovery.

A clear understanding that grass isn’t greener if we simply change jobs, relationships, clothing, or whatever is incredibly important.  How many people do we know who make these changes expecting to get something better only to find out that the grass is only greener until they go and piss on it.

Or their ship comes in… and then they go and sink it. 

I am speaking as much to myself as anyone.  I am in a head space today where I am bothered by a lot of things.  Yet somehow, I feel it is my calling for this phase of my life to learn to be a stronger, wiser person in the midst of the bothersome situations.

There is a guy I work with who is totally bothersome.  He is arrogant.  He presumes to have authority that he does not have.  He is selfish.  The voice in my head says “Quit.  Go do something else somewhere else”.  Yet I would be surprised if there was a reader among us who does not work with at least one bothersome, difficult, arrogant person.

So if I come and work at your work place, I will be no further ahead because you have arrogant, bothersome people there too.  So it sounds like my task is obvious…. to change me.  To change the way I think and behave.  Because by and large, I will run into the same thing anywhere I go.

I guess this is just the space I am in today.  I am glad to have my program that keeps reflecting the mirror back on me.  It keeps me pointed in healthier directions than my addict or alcoholic thinking would want me to go.

Today I am grateful.  And I can take that with me no matter where I go.






  1. http://msmac64.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/practicing-the-serenity-prayer/

    check it out

  2. Thanks for the post! What I can’t change I try to leave alone, but what I can change is … me. Keep up the good work today.

  3. It sounds like you’re already taking the necessary steps to having a great life. So many of us (even those who don’t have drug and alcohol problems) leave little time for introspection. However, we need to be more introspective if we are ever to become better people.

  4. Alphabet…. thanks. Ya… a day at a time is the best I can do. The good thing is that a day at a time has brought me the best things in my life.

    Thanks for the reply. Ciao. Chaz

  5. Mark… I am doing the best I can with what I have been blessed with. Life is getting better no doubt. I am cautious to not get into a “thanks God, I’ll take it from here mindset”.

    We can never forget what we have come through if we ever want to avoid going back. I am grateful for the opportunity to recover.

    Will check you your blog.

    Ciao. Chaz

  6. I have this very same problem at work too and I’ve been tryin to quit for two years.. now lookin back I think if I quit the first time I thought about it, things wouldnt have been the same.. I’m glad I stayed and tried to work things out.. and you’re right change doesnt always have to be good.. although it’s refreshing sometimes..

  7. This is one of those “amen” blog posts. It is packed with truth, whether we like it or not. Now if I could just adopt a “life is what you make it” attitude.

    Hope you’re well.

  8. Thanks TV…. by doing some things differently today than you did before… then experiencing a different result…. you will soon understand in an amazing way the “life is what you make it” thing.



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