More people I don’t like…

January 8, 2009


Dealing with people I (we) don’t care for is actually more frequent than dealing with people I (we) like. difficult people


Since my last post on the subject, this point has been fresh in my mind and I have noticed the pattern in many areas of my life (meaning that I am often in situations where I learn from people I don’t care for or trust). 


I was called into a meeting yesterday to be advised that a temporary colleague who 90% of our staff does not care for is now permanent and in a position of leadership.


Fortunately, he is lateral in postition to me.  However, I do have to work in conjunction with him which is challenging.  Yet, is it not from these circumstances that we have the most opportunity for growth?  Is this not a skill in itself…. Working with people who you don’t care for and still being able to be productive?


Does the same not apply to family relationships?  And other groups of people we may be associated with?  Like Church, School, PTA, Rotary, AA, whatever?  Where is it that we have the rare privilege of working exclusively with people we do like?


A person in my life comes to mind who cannot seem to hold a job because they cannot handle how they are “treated” by others.  This person is a hypersensitive, low self-esteem over-processor.  It is sad really because they are suffering financially because of the number of people they cannot get along with.


So my work situation will be an interesting adventure.  My task is to work productively with someone who I have differences with.  My goal is to develop in this ability for the betterment of my life and recovery.  Call it development of a personality asset.   I think it will be a test of my own self-esteem, maturity, communication ability, and management ability.


Yee ha!  Here we go!  Will let ya know how it goes.


Ciao.  Chaz



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