Thoughts are like children…

January 3, 2009

parent-and-child1It has often occurred to me …  Are our thoughts not like children, in that we should not just let them wander anywhere on their own?

In reflecting back on past thinking patterns, as well as some that still remain, I used to just let my thinking wander wherever it may.  I was naive to assume that it was harmless to just walk along with any thoughts that seemed to come along.

I used to let my thoughts wander off with of hurts and injustices that I had gone through.  I let them spend as much time with these hurts and injustices as they pleased.  Never realizing what a bad influence it was to leave them alone with those companions.

This type of behaviour led me to deep depression, anxiety, resentment and the brink of insanity leading up to suicide.  Need I be any more convinced that letting my thoughts wander off unguided was dangerous?  Just like it would be for a child.

Today, I limit to a large degree where I let my thoughts wander.  I spend very little time thinking about hurts of the past.  If I do, it is either by mistake or in a theraputic environment.  I do not think about my ex-wife and the betrayal I felt. 

As a happily (re-)married man, I do not think about other women.  Of course I notice them, but I do not allow myself to entertain thoughts beyond that.  Why would I?  It can’t lead anywhere good. 

I do not think about how it felt to be on booze or drugs.  Certainly I remember these times and feelings.  That will never leave.  But where I have a choice in the matter, I do not spend time recollecting or longing for those thoughts and feelings again.

Instead, I guide my thoughts, like I would a child, to healthy places and people.  I focus my thoughts wherever possible on the real and tangible good things in life.  On my marriage, on my recovery, on my kids, on my job, on all the wonderful blessings that have been served up to me on my journey of recovery.

Ciao.  Chaz


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