More unfolding…

December 31, 2008

I heard someone share once…

“Time is God’s way of making sure everything doesn’t happen at once”.

This got my attention.  I realized that so often in life, I have an expected time line and if it is not met, I feel hurt, sad, disappointed, fearful, and like a victim.

Yet when I look at the reality of life and what has transpired over the past couple years, life has unfolded amazingly.  Better than what I had ever forced it to be when I was trying to direct traffic in my life and everyone else’s.

It took a leap of faith for me to allow God (or the Universe if you prefer) to have His own time line.  It took me letting go of my tendency to want to control and expect.  Yet today, I am less afraid and less anxious about time lines.

Another quote that comes to mind is one I heard on the TV show, Kung Fu.  A student was telling the master that whatever it was he was being taught was useless.  To which the wise old master replied,

The student cannot know the value of the lesson until the lesson is complete.

I don’t even watch the show on any regular basis.  I was just channel surfing and this for some reason stuck.  How do we know at any given time that we are not in the middle of a valuable lesson.  And that after some unfolding, we will discover an amazingly helpful truth?  A breakthrough perhaps.

I have come to believe that time is a very essential part of life.  Life unfolds on its own time line.  Not mine.  Furthermore, I accept that this is how it should.

Wishing everyone great time lines in 2009!

Ciao.  Chaz


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  1. I really like that first quote. Happy New Year!

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