Life Unfolds – Part 2

December 28, 2008

Often in my life, I have felt anxious about the pace at which life unfolds and have tried to force things or expected things to be different and faster.Sands of Time

Someone recently gave me an analogy of an hour glass. The sand flows through the narrowing from the top chamber to the bottom chamber at a steady, even pace. The pace is set by the natural forces in the universe…. Mainly gravity.

To force the sand any faster would break the glass or at the very least, jam up the narrowing and nothing would flow through. Does this not describe how overwhelming flows of thoughts and actions can work in our lives?

I have often felt that I have so many thoughts and feelings trying to force themselves to the forefront of my mind, that they get jammed up and I felt immobilized. Like the sand being jammed in the hour glass narrowing. 

Literally, I would often just quit everything and do nothing… just sit there in mental/emotional pain and confusion…. or escape with drugs, booze, sleep, entertainment, whatever.  I would be side-lined from the game of life and unproductive.

Or I tried to do so many things at once, nothing got done. Or worse yet, I caused pain or damage to myself or others.

Today, I am more prone to let life unfold at its own pace. I can then participate in life on life’s terms versus trying to force things to happen. I still have a role in life. I must do my part. But I am not responsible for directing everything. Nor am I responsible for the overall timeline and pace.

I have a possible new job opportunity that has come out of the blue. What I would do in years past is frantically pursue it. Call, email, start to imagine and project what it would be like to work in this job. Yet today, I know that it is simply a possibility and that I simply need to start with a sensible first step like writing a cover letter and sending in a copy of my resume. Period. That is it. Nothing further at this stage.

I undoubtedly will have a further role in the unfolding of this situation, but “just for today”, I am only responsible for what is realistically and plainly in front of me and well within my capabilities without being anxious or over-thinking it.

The letter and resume are today’s amount of sand that will flow through the hour glass. They are the realistic, non-anxious amounts of effort that anyone could reasonably be capable of doing amongst the other responsibilities in life. Tomorrow may reveal something further, but that is for tomorrow.
I find this a much more peaceful way to live. And amazingly, much more productive.

Ciao. Chaz


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