“Feeling Good”… book by Dr. D. Burns

December 26, 2008

feeling-goodOk… so I am not a fan of pop-psychology. I frankly have distrusted it. I had a psychiatrist prescribe a powerful sedative to me a few years ago that triggered cocaine-like euphoria and I went out on a coke relapse bender (and booze).

So perhaps my perspective is biased by this event. A new Dr. I am seeing suggested I read “Feeling Good”, by Dr. David Burns. It was first published in the early 1980’s and re-printed a couple of time since. I was apprehensive to follow this advice but experience has taught me that open-mindedness is a gateway to many amazing things. I caution that statement with a suggestion to be wise in one’s open-mindedness.

So I have begun reading the book. The first compelling thing I find is that it does not claim to be all things to all people. Of this I am glad because anything that does claim to be all to all, I tend to distrust. Secondly, in some of the descriptions of people who are depressed and anxious, I see myself amazingly similar. Much like hearing my own story by someone telling theirs in an AA meeting.

“Feeling Good” is a book about “Cognitive Therapy”. The Chaz Paraphrase of Cognitive Therapy is “retraining your thinking habits”. I have experienced much reprieve and recovery by retraining my thinking from old futile habits to new productive habits without ever calling it Cognitive Therapy. I have shed much anxiety and depression and found ways to stop drinking and drugging. So my inclination is to read this book further.

Comments on thoughts or experiences with this book or Cognitive Therapy are welcome. This feels like yet another leg on this fascinating journey.

Ciao. Chaz


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