Emotional Ankle Weights

December 17, 2008

I often feel like I am walking around with ankle weights on… emotionally speaking.

Frankly, it has been this way my whole life. An underlying sadness and fear. Not so overpowering that I cannot move, although I have experienced that at times too. But just enough to slow me down and make every effort feel more cumbersome.

Today is such a day. The good part is, I no longer feel I have to go along with the feeling. No longer do I give into it and let those feelings of sadness and heaviness direct my day or my life.

I got to a point a few years ago where I began to speak to these types of unwelcomed, unpredictable emotions as if they were a seperate person. I would often say, “Ok, you guys sit here and argue about how lousy everything is, the rest of us will get busy with the day”.

The emotions were unwelcomed visitors so why not treat them as such. I found that more often than not, if I just “act as if” they werent there, they would quickly get left behind. Sometimes they would cling to my ankles and try to slow me down as I proceeded through the day. But they did not often have the control they once did.

Today is such a day which is why I am writing about them. So onward. I am leaving them here at the computer desk while I get the day started.

Ciao. Chaz


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