Keeping Life Simple

December 14, 2008

I did not find much success in any form of recovery until I learned to simplify life.

By this I mean narrowing my focus to only the most meaningful things in my day. I used to suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression. I finally discovered that a lot of this anxiety and depression was a result of letting my thoughts wander off to unsafe and unhealthy places. I used to regret the past and think fearfully ahead of the future. Neither of these habits of thought did me any good.

The lights eventually came on that the past was done and over with. And I could leave it where it belonged… in the past. The future had not yet shown up and I discovered that the future is far less often what I expect it will be. Especially if my forecast is negative. It almost never is anywhere near as bad as my fear would have me believe. In most cases, the exact opposite is true and I discover that when the future does arrive… it is good…. or often even great.

I also find that the best way for me to keep the past in the past is to focus on today. I can take some simple lessons from past mistakes, but no need to dwell on them and regret them. Focusing on today helps me implement change today based on lessons of the past. This also then gives me much better tomorrows. The best thing I can do for tomorrow is take responsibility for today.

This was all new thinking to me that I did not discover until I was almost 40. But glad to say it was not too late by any means. Many people older than me discover these things and begin to make these kinds of changes.

The benefits are amazing… Peace… reprieve from anxiety and depression… and the ability to enjoy the moment just because the moment is unique…. and just because I am alive today in this great country. Thats all it takes now to bring feelings of peace and happiness. Then when something really fabulous shows up… I enjoy it all the more. This stuff works.

Ciao. Chaz


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